Two Plaza Art Fairs This Weekend!

September 24, 2016

Plaza and UnPlaza Art Fairs this weekend!

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Hyde Park Neighborhood & Homes Tour

September 23, 2016



HYDE PARK HOMES TOUR is October 1, 10am-6pm. 
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Free NEST Thermostat for KCP&L customers!

August 23, 2016
Yes! You read that right! A $250 value for free so you too can be eco-responsible!
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Staging Inspiration From Amazing Art - Help Me With My Next Staging Project

May 23, 2016

I love to design a room for staging or just designing with an amazing piece of art typically wall art or rug art. Sometimes a piece of furniture art. I can't wait for my next staging project and am thinking about one of these art pieces for my theme. Which do you like? Help me pick one and over the next week, I will build a Staging Project around it and show you what I come up with for a house. 

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Selling in Urban KC Hot Design Style - Urban Eclectic - Part II

May 20, 2016

Floors are medium brown, walls are white or gray, trim white or original brown, kitchen cabinets white or gray - sounds pretty bland!

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5 Repairs to do Before Listing Your House

May 20, 2016

As you get ready to sell your house the first thing to do is get a Preinspection and repair the common items that most buyers will request to be repaired. Last year I assisted 32 buyers in the purchase of homes and the following items were typical repair requests. 

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Choose Your Realtor Wisely in this Extreme Seller's Market!

April 21, 2016
Most people choose a Realtor because somebody they know recommends somebody they know or have used themselves. Choosing and buying a house is a very personal experience and to know that you can trust your Realtor is so important. And that you have like each other and get a long. In addition to that, I recommend you interview 3 Realtors and ask them these questions to see if they are qualified to help you compete in this Extreme Seller's Market. 
These are the questions to ask:
1. How long have you been a Realtor?
2. Are you Fulltime? Or do you have another job or business that you are doing at the same time? 
3. How many transactions did you do last year?
4. Do you represent both sellers and buyers?
5. How many offers have you put in for clients that haven't been accepted in the last month? 
Here is the rationale behind these questions.
  • It takes 2 weeks of class and pass a test to get licensed as a Realtor.
  • 80% of the 8000+ Realtors in the KC Metro are in their first 1-2 years as a Realtor doing 1-3 transactions a year. Most drop out in the first 1-2 years. 
  • 20% of the Realtors are Fulltime and their only Career or Business
  • Becoming a great Realtor is an on the job learning career. You just don't know what you are doing until you have done a lot of transactions over several years. 
  • Many of the 20% Realtors are "Mega Agents" with big teams and do mostly listings. Or they bring on new Buyer's Agents to handle the buyers (NEW means in their first 1-2 years without any experience or real knowledge). Being a Listing Agent is where the money is and less work. So its a Rare Realtor who is experienced, fulltime who does a balance of listings and buyer clients. In a Seller's Market to be a Great Buyer's Agent you need to do both.
  • The only way to know how to navigate a Seller's Market with multiple offers on most houses within 24 hours is to be doing a lot of offers with multiple clients to learn how to do it better. 

In the last year I have assisted in the closing of 32 transactions, over half of them Buyer Clients. In the last 4 months, I have had 15 Buyer Clients and have put in on average 5 offers each before acceptance of an offer. Below is the a look at a typical day in my Realtor Life.

The Day in the Life of in an Extreme Seller's Market! All photos are houses that I showed that went under contract the same day it listed. 
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Midcentury Modern in Leawood

April 18, 2016

9341 Canterbury 4Bed 4Bath $625k


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Selling in Urban KC Hot Design Style - Urban Eclectic - Part I

April 08, 2016

We are in and out of houses with buyers in the Urban Cool KC Neighborhoods daily and we have the pulse on what these modern, millenial buyers fall in love with. The decor, interior design and staging that is really appealing to the Urban KC Buyer is Urban Ecletic: which is a mix of mid century modern, rustic farmhouse, ikea/west elm/crate&barrel. If you are getting ready to sale your house these are some tips to upgrade and stage accordingly. This is Part I. Part II will be more of the bringing in the color with art work, pillows, rugs, vases, lighting etc..

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How to Survive a Real Estate Bidding War

April 07, 2016

Click Here For 3 More Strategies to Winning the Bidding War Download!

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